fredag 13 november 2020


November 2020, ett helt vanligt brev från en av de videoplattformar jag råkar vara registrerad på.

Brighteon Update:

As you are probably aware, Brighteon experienced significant outages over the last two days due to DDoS attacks. You may also recall that YouTube went down yesterday due to unexplained problems, and some people suspect there are core internet infrastructure components which are either failing or being taken over.

I want you to know that we have restored Brighteon service (as of last night) and we have added additional layers of anti-DDoS protection as well as server hardening strategies to help keep Brighteon online.

What's really happening right now is that Brighteon is emerging as one of the few remaining places where truthful videos about the 2020 election in the USA can be posted and viewed. Some of those videos are getting widely shared and viewed. The powers that be -- the Big Tech consortium of corrupt criminals and treasonous actors who hate America -- don't want anyone to be able to view those videos.

So we are being attacked with a variety of well-funded, weaponized systems. Both covid and censorship are the weapons of the globalists, and they are not afraid to release whatever weapons they think are needed to crush human freedom and enslave the world under complete tyranny.

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