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Hur fungerar världen?
Vilket är världens mäktigaste land?
Hur mycket makt utövar detta land på andra länder?
Hur fungerar detta land?

Rykande het information utlovas!

1. 'Deep State' förklarat i ett klipp från 2014

2. Lögner startar krig

3. 'Bad actors' konspirerar mot demokratiskt vald president, från 

för 14 timmar se

BOMBSHELL THREAD: did a BLOCKBUSTER interview last night with former IC officials who were involved in informing Trump about the people who were planted inside his campaign to spy during the election AND transition. Please read on for details. Before we continue, I need to IMPLORE you to please also listen to the FULL interview with these brave patriots, as well as my video where I break things down with open source information.

Robert Caron, and Joshua Macias () are former intelligence officers who received information about bad actors spying on the Trump campaign and transition, and were integral in getting this information to President Trump even before the election.

On 11/1/16, Robert received a phone call from a well placed source. He was informed that there were three “spies” planted inside the campaign. One was Stefan Halper, one was an individual inside of Trumps IT department with the initials CS, and yet another has not been named. Robert flew up to NY to meet with a high ranking member of the Trump team and inform them of what was happening. We are now learning from these gentleman, that Trump was aware of Stefan Halper and others as early as a week BEFORE his election.

At the time, Robert and Joshua were working on election related projects, and Robert stopped that work to visit with the Trump team. The fact that there was someone in IT working for the black hats may explain this. Next Robert gives us a piece of information that we haven’t heard through official channels as of yet- the RNC sent spies to poke around Donald Trumps transition, as did the Obama administration recommending folks to work with them, and all the while their mission was to grab information on what the transition was up to.

There is much, much more in this full interview, but I want to draw your attention to this portion, where the speak about the amendments to EO 12333, and how that EO was amended first 12/15/16 with Clapper, and then again in January by Loretta Lynch. They hint that this will be key moving forward: https://it.ojp.gov/PrivacyLiberty/authorities/executive-orders.

Essentially, what happened was that these people amended the EO to WIDEN the net of agencies who were able to get their hands on RAW data coming from the apparatus. Robert and Joshua stress that this was done to CYA on the spying they had already done. Reporters with the NY Times and elsewhere reported at the time that this was a “long time coming”. In fact, that isn’t the case at all. I was unable to find ONE SINGLE reference to this ANYWHERE before they decided to make the changes.

Here is an article that explains what these changes meant for the spying apparatus in the US:

Near the end of this absolutely STUNNING interview, we learn that these gentleman and their group have provided information to the Horowitz and Congressional committees, and they expect to testify shortly.

These two gentleman were also spearheading an election integrity effort, which turned out to be instrumental in keeping the Presidential election HONEST, and they continue to work hard to this day.

I don’t think I can state emphatically enough how bombshell this really is. THESE are the patriots who are coming forward to provide the public with the TRUTH so that we can disseminate that TRUTH and let people know what has happened within our government.

The public is going to be instrumental in supporting these amazing people as they make this information available not only in cohesive form for POTUS, but also for YOU so that you have the knowledge, and KNOWLEDGE is POWER.

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